amber jewellery from Poland


Are you looking for a way to upgrade your appearance? It's amazing how a simple jewellery can transform our entire outlook, and that is one of the reasons why having the right piece and knowing how to style it is so important.

Let's talk about a jewellery that has raised so much discussion through the years: 

Contrary to popular belief, Amber jewellery is not only worn by the elderly. Instead, it cuts across all age brackets and even gender.

Amber is valuable and unique and has been since Neolithic times, Amber continues to gain widespread recognition in the fashion industry for its color, health benefits, and natural beauty.

this gemstone is not about to be out of vogue anytime soon. So, if you were made to believe that “Amber means Old,” it only shows that you are one of those who have been cheating themselves out of the beauty of this jewellery. 

That said, if what you want a stylish and gorgeous look with the right jewellery that compliments each of your outfits, then here are some ideas on how to style  Amber jewellery for that stunning appearance.

Honey Amber Long Hook Earrings

If you have this piece in your jewelry collection, happy are you because it can give you the upper hand when you want to make a fashion statement. 


This warm-looking-earring; can be paired with an all-white outfit on a date, and you would not cease to make a good impression. We all have heard about the glow and sweetness that accompanies honey, and it is not different from this gemstone. You can also match it with a lightweight gown and your hair flowing beautifully.

Don't worry, because even the fashion police would not be able to dispute the charm and radiance that you will exude with the honey amber long hook earrings.

Similarly, if you prefer to have your hair tied up in a bun, then don't leave without adding the Love Heart Baltic Amber Earrings. It has a honey color as well and a charming feel that is warm and inviting.

This jewellery is a must-have piece for everyone. 

Amber Bracelet

We told you these jewelleries speak volumes if you know how to style them correctly. Even the men aren't left out when it comes to this piece.

Adorn your wrist with this classic bracelet, as it also has gemstones with mixed and neutral colors.

Are you heading for the beach with your family and loved ones?

You can glide it up your wrist with a short-sleeved top to complement it. You can also style it on an off-shoulder dress for an infinitely appealing glow. 

The beautiful thing about this jewellery is that you don't need to stack so many of them up your wrist to get noticed. After all, with one or two on your wrist, you may end up returning home without it because you had to gift it to someone. Don't say we didn't warn you about the "amber effect," as it is endearing!

If you have an eye for luxury, you'll definitely want to save one of these bracelets for yourself. Just don't get stingy while at it.

Baltic Amber Baby Necklace

If you care so much about your child's health and appearance, then you'll want to get them this pretty looking necklace.

This gemstone has a natural flow, and it would not harm your child. In fact, because Amber is made from a fossilized tree, it contains succinic acid, which provides relief when it's worn next to the skin.

When next you are taking your child out to the playground, you can pair up their outfit with this accessory, as you may have seen other parents do.

Amber has also been found to relieve toddlers of teething problems; however, like every other jewellery, you should take it off the child before they go to sleep.

Baltic Amber Tree Of Life Pendant

Are you getting ready for a fashion or music festival? Then step up your style game with this tree-shaped pendant. 

This sleek pendant has a silver line with gemstones carefully secured on it, giving it a timeless and radiant look.

You can pair it up with loose hair on an evening outfit. It has a luxurious appeal, and it also works well with a simple dress.

Amber Anklet

As women, we enjoy looking all cute, luxurious yet tender, and that's the glow that this amber anklet gives. Have it with you on your next visit to the beach, and you will observe that you've got new springs in your step.

Yes! That's the "Amber difference" at work.

Have all the fun you want on an adventure, and you can rest assured that your Amber Anklet is giving your ankle all the support that you need to truly enjoy life. 


Now that you know how to step up your fashion game with your Amber accessories, don't let anything hold you back from making your unique fashion statement, Every day!