About us

"My love and fascination for amber began as a young girl. Both my parents are polish immigrants to Australia, and on one of their first trips back, they brought home gifts of amber bracelets.

I loved the colour and beauty of the amber bracelet I was given. Each bead was different even though they were the same colour, very unique.

When I was given the bracelet, I was told the story of the goddess who lived under the Baltic Sea in an amber castle and fell in love with a fisherman who was disturbing the sea, by catching all the fish. Then along came the thunder god who was angry that the goddess had fallen in love with a mortal man, so he exploded the castle into a million pieces and that's why amber comes from the Baltic Sea.

On my last trip back to Gdansk in 2014, I met up with a friend Barbara, who shares the same love and fascination for amber as I do, so we both decided there and then to share our love of amber with others."