What is Amber?


Beautiful amber is fossilized tree sap, which is over 50 million years old, the world's finest amber comes from the region in and around the Baltic Sea, and had been appreciated for its colour and natural beauty since Neolithic times.

Amber is an excellent grounding gemstone that transmutes negative energy to positive, radiating a warm and bright energy that assists with emotional calming, centering and alleviating stress and anxiety.


All amber contains succinic acid which is a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory. It works best by being heated by your skin, allowing the release of natural oils, which are absorbed into the skin and then into the bloodstream.

The gemstone amber, has been worn for centuries as a natural remedy for pain relief and to promote healing and boost the immune system. Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal as a natural homeopathic product for babies and children.

Amber is also a powerful inner body cleanser and healer. It is known to imbue the body with vitality, and has the strength to draw disease out of the body by absorbing pain and negative energy. It is also believed to help with many other ailments including eczema, growing pains and even arthritis.