Caring for your Amber

Taking care of your Amber Jewellery is important, as Amber is a delicate stone and must be treated with respect.
• Your Amber should be stored separately from other jewellery, in a cool dark place, so as to prevent scratching, tarnishing and discolouring.
• Use a soft cloth and warm water to wipe off dirt and smudges. Do not use soaps or detergents.
• Do not expose your Amber to high temperatures, as this will darken your Amber due to the oxidation and will discolour.
• Gently rub your Amber with a little olive oil and a soft cloth to restore the shine and glow of the stone.
• When taking a shower or bath, you must remove your Amber.
• Exposure to direct chemicals, such as makeup, moisturisers and hair spray will affect your Amber, so apply these before putting on your Amber.