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  • yellow and cognac amber set in sterling silver shaped butterfly
  • sterling silver butterfly shape with yellow and cognac amber stones
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Amber Secrets

Amber Butterfly Pendant

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$78.00 AUD

Indulge your inner nature lover with this hand-crafted Amber Butterfly Pendant. Made of genuine amber and sterling silver, it's sure to add a touch of beauty and color—cognac and yellow—to any ensemble. Light up your wardrobe with this fluttery and fun accessory!

About this piece

  • Weight 2.7 g
  • Length 38 
  • Amber size small 5 mm height x 6 mm wide
  • Amber size large 7 mm height x 10 mm wide
  • Made from Sterling Silver and Amber
  • Features a cognac, and yellow amber stones

When you purchase this piece, you get

  • One of a kind handmade produce
  • All orders are gift boxed 
  • Hand stamped keepsake bag
  • Made in Poland by local artisans
  • Shipped from Melbourne

About Amber

Amber jewellery is fossilized tree resin which is over 50 million years old. The worlds finest amber comes from the region in and around the Baltic Sea including Poland and Lithuania.

Baltic amber contains succunic acid, and works best by being heated by your skin, allowing the release of natural oils.