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  • cognac cherry and butterscotch amber pet collar
  • multi colour pet collars for dogs and cats
  • pet collar made from amber and leather
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Amber Secrets

Baltic Amber And Leather Pet Collars 45-50 cm

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$80.00 AUD

100% Baltic Amber

Genuine Leather

Weight 28 g

Length 45-50 cm

Strap adjustable

Largest amber piece 11 x 11 x 5 mm

Smallest amber piece 8 x 8 x 3 mm

Certificate of Authenticity supplied

Protecting your pet from fleas and ticks is an important part of keeping our pets healthy and happy. Amber Collars is chemical free and can prevent ticks and fleas from attacking your beloved pets. Natural unpolished amber generates a slight static charge that prevents insects from clinging onto your pet’s fur.

Amber Secrets pet collars are handmade from raw Baltic Amber and can be used on all pets big and small.

For maximum effectiveness, change amber collar two times per year or when the beads get polished.


  1. Use a flexible measuring tape.
  2. Place the measuring tape around your pet’s neck and a finger should still fit through easily
  3. The collar should not strangle your pet, but also doesn’t have to be too loose. If your pet has a long fur, there’s no need to make the collar visible. It can be hidden under the hair the friction between the amber and the fur will do the trick.
  4. The minimum size of the collar is the length from the buckle (or a trigger clip) to the very first hole in leather strap (or the very first loop of the chain).