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  • cognac amber rectangular shaped silver ring
  • cognac amber rectangular shaped silver ring
  • cognac amber rectangular shaped silver ring
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Amber Secrets

Square Shaped Amber Ring

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Stylish square shaped amber ring set in sterling silver.

About this piece

  • Weight 3.84 g
  • Amber size 10 mm length x 15 mm wide
  • Ring size 18 mm P1/2
  • Made from Sterling Silver and Amber
  • Features a cognac amber stone

When you purchase this piece, you get

  • One of a kind handmade product.
  • Comes in a wooden box
  • Hand stamped keepsake bag
  • Made in Poland by local artisans
  • Shipped from Melbourne

About Amber

Amber jewellery is fossilized tree resin which is over 50 million years old. The worlds finest amber comes from the region in and around the Baltic Sea including Poland and Lithuania.

Baltic amber contains succunic acid, which is best by being heated by your skin, allowing the release of natural oils. Amber is said to help and assist with stress, anxiety and help to calm nerves.

In keeping with the Therapeutic Goods Act of Australia, the details provided are here for educational and information only, and is not for medical treatment or diagnosis. If you have a health problem seek medical advice from your qualified practitioner. We do not accept responsibility for treatment or cure for any illness. 

Jewellery Care Instructions

Amber is a delicate stone.
Store your amber jewellery separately from other jewellery, in a cool dark place.
Use a soft cloth and warm water to wipe off dirt and smudges. Do not use soaps or detergents.
Do not expose your Amber to high temperatures as the amber will discolour.
Exposure to direct chemicals, such as makeup, moisturisers and hair spray will affect your Amber, so apply these before putting on your Amber.
Remove your amber before showering and bathing.